Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Sisters

I havent been very good about taking pictures of Hailey... I am 26 weeks and this picture was taken at 25 weeks! i am sooo much bigger this time around than with hannah. Hailey is a lot nicer to me than hannah was though. She doesnt kick me ALL THE TIME like hannah did. She also is sitting a lot higher which is so much more comfortable. We are so excited for Hailey to get here! It will be so fun to have two little girls. They will be 18 months apart which will be challenging at first but will be awesome in the long run. i will try and be better about posting pictures but can't promise anything. The life with a one year old and being pregnant is a very tiring one but I wouldn't want it any other way!
Hannah is already 15 months old. I cant figure out how to do this blog and update it more. It takes 15 minute to load one picture so.... Here is the one i decided to load and it will probably last for 3 months!:) She is walking and talking like crazy. hannah is not afraid of anything (well except being away from her mommy) but she is fearless when it comes to walking, running, the water, eating, animals, etc. Thank goodness she has tough skin or else she would be crying every other minute. Hannah loves to talk and will repeat anything you say to her and ask her to say. My favorite words of hers is pretty and peach. She is so much fun and a bundle of energy. She still does not like staying on a schedule. Yesterday she took a one hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and today she is deciding to sleep almost 3 hours for one nap, and will probably want to go to sleep for a half an hour this afternoon. no matter how hard i try it just doesnt seem to work to keep her on a schedule. She is our sweet and crazy little girl

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hannah walking!

Hannah is starting to walk but thinks it is funny to fall on her face. She is doing really well though trying to walk on her own.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some of Christmas!

These are some pictures from Christmas. I still have to get some of them off of my camera from Wenatchee and from oregon so I will update this again.

Hannah with Grandma Holly So sweet. They loved to give each other hugs and kisses. They did it so much that Emma gave hannah her cold! It was worth it though.
They loved these singing snowmen. hannah was a little obsessed though. But, Hannah has no rythm at all and when a song comes on she just gets sooo excited and makes weird sounds because she doesn't release her excitement by dancing. Emma on the other hand dances all the time and is a pretty good dancer. I think Uncle John has something to do with it. hannah just watches Emma with a confused look on her face. She is just now starting to clap when she hears music!! So, there is hope that she will have some rythm.
If you look at the picture closely, emmas face is not too happy. She is mad that hannah has one of the "her" dolls, even though she gave them to hannah for Christmas. Hannah held her own though when emma would take them away. It was funny to watch.

Hannah loves the snow. She loved being in this box and it was nice to have her stuck in one place. She is crawling everywhere now and getting really fast
Picking up Auntie Sarah Uncle John and Emma at the airport! WE were soo excited to see them
Christmas Eve night in their new pajamas.
Some of Hannah's friends from Wenatchee Mya and Noah, playing with the singing snowman..
Those were hannah's toys that emma gave her but I think she wanted them back. Emma grabbed them from Hannah as soon as I got them out of the package for Hannah... but Hannah held her own and followed Emma around trying to get them back. She is eight months younger but definately holds her own with Emma.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Picking out a Christmas Tree

Oops forgot thanksgiving time

Hannah with her friend Oakley

Hannah and her cheerios

More and more cheerios

Christmas Time

Poor Hannah. She was sooo scared. Every time we go into the mall and she sees Santa she just stares at him. Then we get a little closer..... and .... she starts to cling on really tight and gets really scared. She didnt know she was sitting on his lap!
This was actually the first time. The time up above is the second time we put her on his lap for a picture.

This poor little girl. Hannah got her mommies hair... hopefully sometime it will fill in!

Hannah with her Uncle Justy

Hannah loved the tree. We went to a christmas party for Pappy's work and it was all decorated. She loved it. She is sooo sweet.

Her sweet little outfit!!

Hannah and Grandma Holly

The proud grandparents

Hannah with her snowmen! Grandma holly wanted to take some fun pictures one day

She has started chewing on her pointer finger all the time.

On her sleigh=== sticking out her tongue

Our Happy Happy Girl!